When you work in the interwebs world, you feel

When you work in the interwebs world, you feel like all you ever hear is video-video-video-Klout-Google+-video-video-kittens-video.

I didn’t really get all the hype about this move towards video, because aside from tutorials, who wants to just sit and watch a video?  Isn’t the internet age all about having no attention span?

But Gucci just came out with this video editorial and guess what - I GET IT NOW!  It’s so … luscious and rich with detail. It’s also shoppable which would be tempting if I had Gucci money.

It was the hair and makeup that really sent the message home for me, because … just watch it (in full screen mode!)  Seeing the hair moving, in the light, etc., and seeing the makeup up close and with less (or no) airbrushing makes the looks so much more inspiring for me.  It somehow seems less editorial and more do-able, especially the solid wash of eyeshadow,which feels very fresh to me.

So … would you rather watch a video like this or just flip through an editorial?  Is it all hype or do you like live action?

Video via Gucci. Hair: Akki Shirakawa, Streeters NY. Make-up: Megumi Itano, Calliste Paris.