The Best Cult Beauty Stores in Rome


So excited to share some of the amazing beauty haunts I discovered in Rome, starting with …

1. Olfattorio Perfume Bar This gem of a store is located fairly close to the end of the Via Condotti (major luxury retail street in Rome).  Stop in at the bar much as you would for a caffe - relax and let the “barista” take you through a personalized perfume voyage.  When I was there, a 20-something couple was picking out a perfume - kind of smart to bring your man along, right?

My pick: Les Parfums des Roisine Rose d'Ete 98 € for 100ml … yes, I bought a French perfume here, but I’d never seen it before!  And what’s not to love about an entire range of perfumes based on rose.  This is a fruity, summery cocktail - like a super premium version of the Escada limited edition summer scents.


2. ProFumum Durante A few doors up the road is a branch of this family-run perfumery.  Their own perfumes - or “olfactory hallucinations” in their words - are stunning, with some great unisex blends and gorgeous minimalist packaging.  They also stock a few obscure fragrances brands in addition to their own.

My pick: Volo Az 686 $240 for 100ml … Named after the flight from Rome to Caracas, it’s a gardenia/coconut/vanilla blend that surprises you with unisex freshness.  Don’t let the “rocking in a hammock” description confuse you - this is refreshing, not falling-asleep-with-suntan-oil-on.       


3. Kiko is fairly nearby on the bustling Via del Corso, and it was absolutely jam-packed.  It’s a bit like a Milanese version of MAC, maybe a bit more affordable, and with a great skincare selection as well.  Really fun place to play and be inspired by the walls of makeup colors and textures.

My pick: Water Eyeshadow 8.90 € This wet-or-dry eyeshadow has such a unique feel and can be built from super sheer to intense - looks as amazing in the package as it does on your eyes, and the silver and light gold shades double as highlighters.


4. Centro Forniture per Parrucchiei Dario Lovascio is closer to the top of the Via Condotti on a side street.  Imagine my delight when, after having pizza at Leoncino on the corner, I found myself in the Italian equivalent of a Sally Beauty store [love those].  Found some of the oddest products and brands I’ve seen in ages, and picked up some basics too.

My pick: Medavita Sun Maui and Kilauea Bath and Mask 12.50 € and 15.90 € Impossible to find here or online, these products are from an Italian salon brand and were exactly what my sun- and pool-damaged hair needed after a week in Cyprus.  Delicious!


5. Ai Monasteri is conveniently located near the Pantheon, in case you need - like I did - to pray to the Lord for the strength to go on when you realize it’s only open in the afternoon from 12.30-4.30 and you are there at 10am with your impatient husband.  A store completely chock full of beauty products made at monasteries is perhaps the ultimate cult - ok, wrong choice of word - niche beauty store.  Please let me know what you discover when you go. [cries into tissue]


6. Pantheon 70 was thankfully the next stop.  It’s part of Campomarzio’s beautiful chain of niche fragrance shops.  The cool, dark ambiance was like being inside of a jewel box, and I discovered several old school brands like S. Frecceri - and new ones like Vero Profumo - amongst classics like Penhaligon’s.

My pick: Vero Profumo Rubj $195 7.5ml … such a decadent and exotic blend of jasmine and musk, super sexy.

So, as you can see, I returned with a stash that almost required my first walk ever through the “Something to Declare” door.  And I smell amazing! 

I’ve compiled my Rome walking/eating/bit of shopping guide on Holier than Now, hope you enjoy that as well. It’s here.

And please tell me - if you’ve been to Rome/are Roman - what did I miss?

all images by me except Pro Fvmvm in-store photo via The Label Finder