So during my massive

So during my massive cleaning-of-house before Fashion Week, I got a dermatological treatment that literally vacuums out your pores.By house I mean face/body/hair, please, you should see my apartment.

I had read about Isolaz in this New York Times article and basically they had me at “sucks all the debris and sebaceous material out of the pore."  I mean, don’t you stare at your face in the mirror and wish you had a mini-mini vacuum?  I do.  The treatment actually has two steps: the suction, and then a blast of painless broadband light (aka laser) that helps destroy bacteria and reduces redness.

I went to Dr. Anne Chapas who started me off with a steam facial to open pores, covered my eyes to protect from the laser, and went about her vacuuming/lasering with the two-in-one device. The final step is application of an anti-acne lotion which the device then pushes deep into pores, followed with ice packs to the face (which I didn’t really need, I looked fine).

All in all, it was totally painless and very satisfying - like a facial with extractions but more efficient.  And medical, which I really prefer when it comes to people treating my acne.

Here’s a picture of my face with an insanely bright flash on it … and just tinted moisturizer, several days after the treatment:

*Note: Laura from On the Racks is just naturally beautiful.

The best results are achieved with a course of four treatments or so, and the treatments run about $200-$500 each depending on the derm.  If you currently pay that much for facials from a facialist, and you’re having acne issues, I really recommend giving this a shot.  Dr. Chapas also recommended some new prescriptions for me, which again, I prefer over someone trying to sell me their skin creams.

Does this: Anti-acne pore cleansing derm treatment using suction and laser

Is this:Isolaz

Get this: Check the website for derms near you

Price: ~$200-500 per treatment

P.S.  If you must, there is a video of the device working its suction action. I mean, there is really something for everyone on the internet.

Top image via; second image via. Treatment courtesy of Isolaz