a vacation for your hairz

Is your hair both dry and oily at the roots (YES, says almost everyone)? Do you want to be one of those smart no-poo people who aren't frying their hair every day with harsh cleansers, buy you can't because you'd look like a filthy dirty dog? Cool. R+Co Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask is what you need.

R+CO Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo


Created with oils, butters & extracts, R+Co Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask deep conditions and strengthens your hair BEFORE you cleanse. Apply the fun foam all over, or just mid length and longer, let it chill, rinse it out, and then cleanse your roots. If you're having a particularly dry day, then yes, you really can just use it instead of shampoo. It feels brilliant and looks amazing in your shower too ...

 Does This: Shines, revives, strengthens & deep conditions
Is This: R+Co Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask
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Price: $29