Now that I’ve had some time to process the madness


Now that I’ve had some time to process the madness that was Fashion Week, I can officially say this undercut hair look by TRESemmé at Tracy Reese was my favorite creation - and the only one I actually went home and tried.

The secret ingredient in this punk-meets-90’s look is my current daily go-to, the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Blow Dry Lotion - which costs all of $5-odd bucks.

To put the steps in the simplest of terms:

1. Section your hair into a deep side part and spray the blow dry mist all throughout dry hair. Clip the section over to one side so you can work with the exposed hair above your ear.

2. Take the section of your hair on the exposed side and create a french braid against your head going back towards the nape of your neck - this step is what creates the faux-undercut look as you’re trying to flatten the hair against your head on one side to mimic a shave.  Pin the braid against the nape of your neck.  Note: if you have super fine hair like me, or short hair, you may not even have to braid … I just combed my hair back along the side of my head while it was damp with the spray, and pinned it at the nape.

3. Release the clipped back hair. You can use my fave TRESemmé Dry Shampoo to create messy volume through the loose hair.

4. As a bonus, you can dampen the loose hair again with blow dry lotion and clip it back in sections mimicking where your hands would rake through your hair.  Hit this with a blow dryer and you’ve created a raked through look that lasts.

I took the top photo on the street after the show - as you can see, she loosened the side a bit but you still get that great 90’s deep side part vibe.

Images: Cult of Pretty; via Tracy Reese (bottom 2)