Newsflash: The holidays are rapidly


Newsflash: The holidays are (rapidly!) approaching.       

We thoroughly enjoy this time of year and all the little things that go along with it … and by little things we mean LOOK AT ALL THESE LITTLE BENEFIT THINGS!

Ok so, remember advent calendars? (They’re for Christmas, but if that’s not your holiday, no worries, because this thing is totally non-denomin-awesomeness).            

If you had an advent calendar as a child, you dealt likely dealt with it in one of two ways:

1. You were patient/well behaved and only opened one door at a time (you were also in the minority. props!)


2. You chose to override the system and open all doors at once. 25 chocolates for this chick (score!). Let’s be real - one door a day is really a lot to ask.

We recently discovered a big girls advent calendar… made by Benefit. Yes - upon receiving we immediately opened all 25 doors, and no we didn’t even make it until December. How could we!? These tiny little beauty treats are too cute to not to have straight away (and take lots of pictures of!). Opening all doors at once does not take away from the thrill of not knowing what you might find …

This thing is seriously the jam, and for the price it is a lot of bang for the buck. You basically get to sample every cult Benefit product, plus they’re the perfect cutie travel size. Co-sign!

Does This: Advent Countdown for big girls

Is This: Benefit Countdown to Love Beauty Advent Calendar

Get This: Macy’s

Price: $68

Product c/o the brand, images by us

- Kristin + Ann