milking the benefits of CBD

You may or may not know the ins and outs of CBD … but you’ve definitely heard the buzz. CBD is non-psychoactive & all-natural derivative of cannabis, and the health benefits - though fairly newly understood - are very real. I’ve used CBD oils and lotions for about a year now and I can definitely say the following:

  • CBD is immediately bio-available through your skin. That means you don’t have to ingest it. I personally don’t love CBD oil as I think it tastes like bong water, but it’s great in a lotion and has no scent.

  • CBD is a great anti-inflammatory, which helps with problem skin (inflammation is key to break outs) and muscle pain.

  • It definitely helps you relax without feeling “druggy.” I don’t really drink and I never take any relaxants like Xamax etc. because I hate the feeling. CBD doesn’t really feel like anything, it just seems to calm you down.

  • CBD helps you sleep and makes your dreams very vivid! I always remember my epic dreams when I use CBD lotion at night. I thought I was maybe imagining this so I did a proper comparison test and I definitely get a deeper feeling sleep and these vivid dreams if I use CBD lotion before bed.

For the past month I’ve been using Salveō. Their CBD is sourced from hemp and processed in Colorado, North Carolina & Oregon, and their Goat Milk lotion contains 300 mg of broad spectrum CBD. 300 mg is A LOT, which is great and corresponds to the price point ($50 for 6 oz).

CBD lotion australia.jpg

THC free and made from all natural goat’s milk, the CBD Infused Goat’s Milk Lotion calms and soothes sensitive skin. The product is completely handmade - the goats are milked by hand (! sweet), and the product is filled and measured by hand. Unlike many moisturizers it has no alcohols, synthetic preservatives, dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens, and phthalates. It is also free from GMO ingredients. The simple ingredient list is just fresh goat’s milk, distilled water, raw shea butter, sunflower oil, wax (as an emulsifier to mix the water and oils) and Germall (a paraben-free preservative).

Goat’s milk is more quickly absorbed into skin than many moisturizing ingredients, which I love because I use this every night before bed and I hate waiting for my lotion to dry! A 6 oz bottle goes a long way because the formula is very fluid, so $50 should run you about $0.80 a day if you use this as a daily ritual like I do. Sweet dreams!

Does This: Daily natural CBD lotion
Is This: CBD Infused Goat’s Milk Lotion by Salveo
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Price: $50-Goat Milk Lotion

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