Let’s have a real conversation

Let’s have a real conversation about one of the biggest cult facial cleansing products of the past few years, the Clarisonic.

Someone recently asked me if they should invest in it, and I suggested they try the mass market “version” to see if they really wanted a tool like this.  Now I realize this was like telling someone to try an orange to see if they would like apple pie, so I take it back.

I finally spent 10 days with the Clarisonic Plus Skincare System & Spot Therapy Kit and it’s a different thing entirely from the mass “version,” which I had used for over 10 days a few months ago.  Let me break it down:

- The Clarisonic uses sonic frequency to move the brush back and forth (not around and around) more than 300x per second, deep cleaning your skin 6x better than manual cleansing as well as exfoliating to reduce the appearance of pores.  It’s a rechargeable device with a timer system that guides your cleansing (20 seconds for forehead and nose/chin; 10 seconds for cheeks). The Plus version comes with two brush heads - one for face and one a bit larger for “spot treating” your body.

- The mass market version doesn’t use sonic frequency; it’s a spinning brush. The bristles are less dense than the Clarisonic and the brush head is smaller. The device is physically smaller than the Clarisonic, and it’s run on batteries. It has two identical brush heads (i.e. it comes with a replacement head).

Basically, it’s like comparing a high quality electric toothbrush to a kid’s spin brush.

I’ve used the Clarisonic 1 x per day for the past 10 days and I can say I see a difference.  My skin is very even and my pores look smaller.  I’ve been using it with an acne face wash (this one); this was just what was in my shower … it’s a pretty standard salicylic acid face wash, which also contributes to an improvement in clarity.  The ritual of the Clarisonic is pretty addictive, and I feel like it’s saving me from having to exfoliate with a scrub once a week. 

So here’s the bottom line: if you can afford the Clarisonic or put it on a “wish list” for a birthday or holiday, then I definitely recommend getting it (here’s the standard, which is really all you need).  If you can’t, I think you’ll survive!  Exfoliating with baking soda daily is a great way to gently deep cleanse - no one NEEDS to spend $195 on a brush. 

Importantly though, I’m not recommending the mass version.  For what it is, I think it’s too expensive.  If you want an inexpensive exfoliating brush, try this for $18.

Does this: Facial cleansing system that uses sonic frequency to deep cleanse and exfoliate (also comes with a bunch of cleansing products)

Is this: Clarisonic Plus with body brush, or standard Clarisonic

Get this: Above

Price: $225 gets you the body brush too; $195 for the standard

Image: Blackbook via, product c/o Vogue & Clarisonic