Just a few New Year’s Eve looks I’m considering


Just a few New Year’s Eve looks I’m considering.

Come on now. These are some hair looks (putting it mildly) from the 1944 film Kismet (click to enlarge) which is about … appropriately enough considering yesterday’s post … a magician who roams the streets of Baghdad pretending to be a prince, and some craziness that ensues. Here is Marlene Dietrich who actually plays a mom in this film. I’m just saying, Lady Gaga and all these gals think they are so innovative but really … it just takes a little digging to unearth these vintage gems.

One of my favorite twitter people - @mostlyhuman, the photographer Shikeith Cathey - found one of these and set me on this path. Images via Doctor Macro and Q Picture. Thanks Shikeith XO.