It’s funny when you

It’s funny when you write a blog, because when a product truly blows you away, you almost don’t want to say it - lest you start sounding like one of those omg-“we’re obsessed”-everything-is-“the best”-type-outlets.

But what can I say, I’ve never loved a haircare line like I love this

I reached out to I.C.O.N. after finding their India line on a packaging design blog (I mean look at it!). I.C.O.N. is a professional/salon brand; the I.C.O.N. India line was created based on ayurvedic principles, incorporating healing, strength, tranquility, luster and well-being.  The products contain Moringa, Argan and Amber

After relishing the beautiful outer boxes, and then the bottles themselves, I figured, OK, maybe I’d do my hair with the stuff … Low expectations because, whatever, it’s shampoo and conditioner.

! Shocked !

The shampoo? It’s like marshmallow fluff, and it smells like Amber-Sandalwood hippy heaven.  The conditioner?  It’s like a deep conditioning treatment - thick, rich - but doesn’t leave your hair heavy.  The oil treatment … the texture surprised me, as it’s like a serum but very thick and crystal clear.  I ran it through my wet hair fully expecting to wake up with greasy hair and shampoo it out.  I was SHOCKED when I woke up with soft, lustrous, shiny hair full of body and smelling AH-MAZING.

This is not an ad.  I made my husband run his fingers through my hair today (this is not “a thing” that we do) because someone had to experience it besides me.

To every haircare brand that crosses my desk henceforth: BRING IT.

Does this: Amazing haircare line, smells utter gorgeous (if you like sandalwood) and works like a dream

Is this: I.C.O.N. India Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil

Get this: I.C.O.N. salons or above

Price: $16.19 (8.5 oz), $19.59 (8.5 oz) and $29.59 (3.8 oz)

If you can only get one, do the oil.  It’s a cult beauty must-have in the making.

Image via Vogue India, product c/o I.C.O.N