Images: c/o Hourglass (top), Cult of Pretty


Images: c/o Hourglass (top), Cult of Pretty (bottom)

The Imitation of Christ SS13 show was was entitled “This is Not a Fashion Show” - so before you become alarmed at these ‘young models’ … note that the show was cast with a range of women - 'real’ women and professional models, young through old - and was not in any way a traditional presentation, but instead a commentary on a woman’s process of 'getting ready’ for the world. The designer didn’t even discuss the clothes with press.

I felt quite uncomfortable photographing these young ladies in their full makeup (I even asked their moms) - and this was the intention, I’m sure, of the designer. The show took place at the Bortolami Gallery in Chelsea, with women and girls either dressing and undressing in front of individual mirrors, or encased in plastic and wearing masks marked with plastic surgery notations. It brought back memories of my first experiences with makeup, and made me suddenly hyper-aware of the zillions of gyrations and steps it takes for me to get ready, especially during fashion week. Just that morning I had tried on *truly* 15 bras/camisoles and left 14 of them in a tragic-looking trail in my room … and forget about the actual outfit, shoes, makeup, hair, bag, sunglasses, gum … etc.!!

Anyway, the Hourglass team did an amazing job supporting the designer’s vision. It’s a testament to their products that women from young to old somehow looked quite fresh-faced in their Illusion Tinted Moisturizer, and un-cakey in their longwear Opaque Rouge.

To see the collection and understand the presentation a bit better, see the review on

And I *just* realized this – I was surprised at myself this morning because I decided to go to the shows with no makeup. I mean, I have never done this. Now, upon finishing this write up, it’s so OBVIOUS I was affected by this show …

So I ask you … when did you first start wearing makeup?  Do you sometimes laugh at yourself - or feel even stronger emotions - about what you feel you must do to be 'presentable’ to the world?