I thought I’d share this little

I thought I’d share this little corner of my world and everything in it, and a few stories (because with fragrance … there’s always a story).

About a year ago my sister-in-law gave me a Couroc tray which is certainly a cult product if there ever was one … mine has special friend on it and for whatever reason I ended up covering it up with perfume and such.  I think I liked that the tray was quite small and thus self-limiting.

And so here is my entire fragrance collection ~8 years in the making:

1. Narcisco Rodriguez for Her: purchased in L.A. on a long, lonely product development trip. I think it’s one of the best fragrances ever made.

2. Escada Limited Edition (an early one): this was so instantly cultish that this bottle is from Japan. Had to have it and still think they do young fruity florals so well (here’s the latest).

3. Les Parfums de Rosine Rose Eté: purchased in one of Rome’s amazing fragrance stores

4. L'Aromarine Lavande Cassis: Rarely wear this but keep it because the smell reminds me of the summer my friends and I went to the Hamptons polo every weekend - not because we were invited, but because someone ordered a sample bag of every colored wristband available.  Clever over classy - any day.

5. Chapstick in Cerise.

6. Kiehl’s Musk

7. Philosophy Amazing Grace: reminds me of my sister.

8. Lucy B. Pink Frangipani: from Anthropologie, I couldn’t stop myself.

9. Ralph Lauren Blue: blew my mind when I first smelled a production sample of this many years ago and I still think it’s one of the most original fragrances out there.  Underrated.

10. Vintage atomizer from the Creed boutique on Bond St.: gift from an ex … it’s broken like my heart not really

11. Crystal Perfume & Handicraft Secret of the Desert: memories of riding horses in Egypt by the pyramids which by the way are basically in the suburbs  and this perfumery was in a strip mall

12. No. 6 “M” by Ohne Titel by Six Scents: sample from a friend

13. MBeze Coco Haze: ugh amazing! Beachy fragranced body oil. Gift from the brand.

14. Kirna by Kirna Zabete: one of my all-time favorites

15. No. 4 Ascent by Rad Hourani by Six Scents: as above. Can’t stop wearing this.

16. Fracas de Robert Piguet: true story … my ex (another one don’t judge) gave me this to me and asked me to wear it. I was SO flattered, we had just started dating and I thought it was so amazing that he picked this out for me.  A few days later I went into his personal assistant’s office in the apartment <- OK that should have been a sign and opened a drawer and it was FULL not kidding FULL like multiple cases !FULL I TELL YOU! of this perfume. W…T…F to this day.

And here’s my little friend:

Indignant!  Rightfully so.

P.S. the boob is by Olaf Breuning for Six Scents.

Do you have perfumes you’ve kept for sentimental reasons? What are your fragrance stories … I’d love to hear them!