I achieved nail polish nirvana this weekend and I


I achieved nail polish nirvana this weekend and I have problems am so happy!

All my nail polish was in a train case, and it was kind of a hot mess because I couldn’t see in the darkness and would have to take everything out in order to find a color. 


I picked up 2x acrylic cases from Muji and organized the tools and accoutrements in the bottom, and the colors by family in the top drawers.  I put my large nail polish remover in the bathroom and kept a travel size in the box; decant as necessary.


I highly recommend this.  It’s also great for makeup, obviously, but the drawers are a little shallow for foundation-type products.

Does this: Satisfies OCD tendencies and organizes your stuff so you can make better use of the products you have

Is this: Muji Acrylic Case - 3 Drawer

Get this: Above

Price: $24.75 each

Thank you to my brand friends for the gifted product in this box including Zoya, Essie, and Butter London