I absolutely love urban decay eye makeup. I have

“I absolutely love urban decay eye makeup. I have one of their colour pallets and it is so wonderful. Every colour is truly bold and just amazing. The only problem I experience is with the sparkles in a few of the colours. No matter how hard I try they find their way into my eye brows and decide to stay there. I have yet to figure out a way to get them out. Any suggestions?” - Anon

Couple suggestions on this… have you tried applying your shadow over a shadow base like NARS Smudge Proof?  It might make everything stick better.  Or, you can apply the shadow over a cream eyeshadow (colored or in a nude tone) … there are some good ones in these NARS duos.  I learned this trick from Sam Chapman in a Real Techniques video which you can watch here (the part I’m referring to is at 2.00 mins and on).

But after you do your face you can always brush through your eyebrows with a stiff brow brush to get the sparkles out.  This Real Techniques Lash-Brow groomer brush is my best buddy lately because the comb side is also an amazing lash groomer to get out clumps.