Hi! I made a tumblr just so I could

Hi! I made a tumblr just so I could ask you a question. I have recently started to break out on my forehead. Small, but numerous, cumbersome pimples. I also have blackhead issues on my nose. ): Booking a derm is a lot of work. Do you have any natural, inexpensive solutions to this? I would greatly appreciate & value your help. Thanks in advance! -vivoamorideo

I’ve had a lot of acne inquiries lately and I liked this one because somewhat buried in this request is the word natural.  And it’s Earth Day, so what more impetus do I need to round of some of my favorite natural cult beauty products (and not-so-cult) for acne-prone skin.

Everyday routine:

  • Cleanse with Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser (starts at $10), which contains salicylic acid, a known acne-fighter, and a gentle blend of soothing naturals.  Love the travel size and the earth-conscious refill.
  • Exfoliate with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda ($0.97) Acne fighters like salicylic acid are exfoliators, so you have to be careful not to overdo it.  My BFF turned me onto baking soda and I love it with water to cleanse gently when your skin’s just worn out from acne treatment and needs a break - or mix this into your face wash to boost it.
  • Mid-day and post-gym cleanse withDesert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Pads ($7.49) - your mention of forehead bumps brought this to mind.  If you wear hats, sweat (OK - we all do), get oily in the afternoon, or work out, I really recommend a quick wipe with these pads.  Kills bacteria, gets rid of the dirt/sweat that is contributing to those clogged pores, and eliminates shine.
  • Spot treat withBurt’s Bees Spot Treatment ($10.00) This contains salicylic acid to dry out pimples, as well as tea tree, eucalyptus, willow bark and much more to unclog pores and reduce redness.  This is a good treatment for blackheads as well.

Weekly or as needed (treatment investments):

  • Soothe and treat with Dr. Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask ($45.00) This is literally soothing food for your skin.  Reduces inflammation and redness, and generally feels great.  If you’re vegan, please note this contains an animal product (goat’s milk).
  • Moisturize with Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil ($42.95) You may wonder Why.T.F. I am recommending you put oil on your acne-prone skin, but trust.  This is not for every day, in my opinion, but when you need it, it’s great at night (yeah, forget the name). You wake up glowing.
  • Refinish withSukiSpa Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel ($75.00) Ok, so this is a small fortune, but it’s basically an organic, award-winning, at-home glycolic-type peel chock full of renewing ingredients.  One every two weeks is probably sufficient.


  • Purify and hydrate with Tazo Lotus Decaffeinated Green Tea ($4.99)If you read this whole post and disregarded every previous point, that would be OK.  Just drink this.  A lot.  Nothing has improved my skin like copious amounts of decaf green tea.  It’s a potent antioxidant, keeps you hydrated, helps flush out toxins, and tastes better than water (to me - I hate water).  Caffeine is said to negatively effect skin, so I avoid it.  But if you must, caffeinated green tea is WAY better for your skin than coffee, especially if you take your coffee with dairy and sugar.

Happy Earth Day!