Happy day-of-thanks! Before you settle into a


Happy day-of-thanks! Before you settle into a turkey/cran/pie/sweet potato induced comma, we have a little surprise.Thanksgiving #Giveaway number 2!  Because we are just so thankful for you (daww) …

Backstage at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2013, so many things that come to mind …  but seriously, not least of them is:


so. much. pretty. hair.                  

The official sponsor of hair for the angels this year was ghd. Weapon of choice: the Pink Diamond Edition 1" Gold Professional Styler, accompanied by matching paddle brush. The results were, well, gorgeous (see above) which is why we are so excited to be giving away one of these beautifying-tress-tools to you! Valued at $290, you have the chance to win a ghd Pink Diamond Edition Professional Styer and Matching Paddle Brush today. If all you do besides eat today is enter this giveaway - you’re pretty much winning. Please follow instructions below to enter. Good luck!

(Up your odds and participate in ghd’s Pin to Win Contest, find instructions to enter here!  Really worthwhile, since I know you are all on Pinterest anywho.)

1. Do ONE of the following — follow Cult of Pretty on Bloglovin’ OR follow Cult of Pretty from your Tumblr account OR subscribe via email.

2. Leave a DISQUIS comment below [click through if you are reading this post in your Tumblr feed] and tell me which angel you would be, if you could be any one. Not that you aren’t beautiful as is - but, could be fun for a day right? NOTE: Please don’t comment in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ or ‘Fan Note’ area of Tumblr. If you do we will not see your comment and not be able to enter you into the contest! — Please everyone click through and leave a comment on Cult of Pretty itself.

3. Youmust be 18 or older to enter. If you happen to be under the legal age of 18 you can have someone else enter for you. Just remember that the product will be sent to their attention.

4. This giveaway is for US Residents only - unfortunately we are unable to ship outside of the USA. Sorry!

Contest ends next Thursday December 5th at 11:59PM. NOTE: If you subscribe or follow to enter, you must still be subscribed or following at the time of the drawing to win. Multiple comments do not increase your chances of winning.

Products c/o the brand Photos via Rachel Scroggins The Greyest Ghost + Cult of Pretty

- Kristin & Ann