the scent of fluidity

It's funny to me that "genderless" is a term being thrown around in fragrance. For ever and ever I've worn "men's" cologne interchangeably with women's ... I truly feel that fragrance smells different on every body. I've met guys who wore what I consider "my scent" and despite saying hello on the regular, neither of us ever noticed that we were wearing the same juice until somehow it came up in conversation. 

perfume product image.jpg

Terre d’Hermes is clean, warm, and sensual - described by Jean-Claude Ellena, the master perfumer behind it, as: "Feeling the earth, lying on the ground, gazing at the sky." It makes you feel strong in a subtle way - earthy but never dirty.

Heeley Parfum’s Sel Marin is one of my favorites of all time. It smells like summer skin, crisp and lemony with a salty undertone, and warm like the sun. It feels almost imperceptibly sexy, like you're clean in a mysterious way from taking a long shower at a luxe hotel in Capri.

Lastly, Six Scents Parfums, a creative project between the fragrance house Givaudan and avant garde fashion designers, created a hard-to-find classic in Ascent parfum - made with Rad Hourani. Smelling fresh yet creamy, with a hint of metallic, the description is a little ... personal ... I won't even go there. To me it smells like clean kissing ... let's put it that way. I love to layer this with other fragrances.

These scents are an investment, but what I like about them is their timelessness and their ease of wear ... they're informal yet polished and you can easily make them your go-to without editing out those big, sexy floral favorites that I still love to roll out on the weekends.