For the last installment of the easiest hair ever


For the last installment of the easiest hair ever with AG Hair and their new Texture Spray, we just … unpin stuff … and magic happens.

Last week’s look was a messy top knot (two), and with the hold and volume lent by the texture spray, getting beachy waves was as easy as taking the hair down. 

If you’ve done the top knot for evening, you can actually sleep in it and wake up the next day like you woke up on the beach, except without sand in your underwear. 

If you want to do this quickly before bed, it helps to dampen your hair a bit and then mist in the texture spray. Just throw it up in a twisted bun with a scrunchie (yes, a scrunchie) and awaken to waves.

Special thanks to AG Hair for partnering with me on this, Wesley O'Meara for teaching me these awesome looks, and Cameron Krone for a super chill shoot.

There’s tons more inspiration for textured looks over on AG Hair’s blog, which is overall a sweet site for hair inspo.

Does This: Look 3 - Day after beachy waves

Is This: AG Hair Texture Spray

Get This: At a salon nearest you

Pay This: $24

Image: Cameron Krone