Easiest Thing Ever: Eyebrows


You guys, I get mad about brows.  I feel like everywhere you look, people are touting their importance but no one is explaining how simple it all is.

Eyebrows are important, but you don’t have to shape the heck out of them, tweeze them, wax them like cray-cray (necessarily, it’s up to you), but please don’t be afraid to define them.  It took me a million years to realize that I should listen to makeup artists and not skip the step of essentially “creating” a brow.

It’s GPOW so I’m just going to show you:


In the first pic, I’ve done nothing to my brows.  It looks OK I guess if you like looking like someone erased an important part of your face with the end of a pencil.

In the second, I just took the lightest brow powder from the Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes and filled in my brows. I promise you, up close it doesn’t look like a line was drawn on or anything.

In the last photo, I did a little day-to-evening switch-up by adding lipstick and choosing the darker brow powder in the palette. It’s interesting that you can’t tell the brows are darker, because the intensity of the lipstick* balances it out. So don’t be afraid to go a shade darker if the overall look requires it.

In short, if you’ve never bought a brow powder or pencil, try it - especially if you’re fair, I swear it will change your face/life and you’ll never go back.  I have literally no makeup skills and I’m not a tutorialista at all … so I hope this is useful! If I can do it, it’s definitely easy.

PS If you want to watch a makeup artist fill in brows with a brow brush and powder, this is a good tutorial - you can see the technique really clearly.

*the iphone is weird with colors, it looks like I have black lip liner on, I swear I don’t … no idea what is going on there.

Image via Nothing is Trivial. Product c/o Anastasia.

ann somma