lip stick is > than lipstick

It's not possible for me to just swipe lipstick on my lips and look non-horrific. My lip shape is ... specific. Color would go all over. I don't know what to say. The only way real color (especially matte color) works on me is if I create a very accurate outline and fill it in like I'm in 1st grade. I also really like to control the amount of color, contour a little, blot, add lip balm ... etc. Long story short there was no lipstick for me without a lip brush.

But I got twenty shades of Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner from the brand (bless) and basically it was game on slash game over.

buxon plumpline lip liner

These sticks have the perfect matte, just a bit creamy but very stay-on-your-mouthy formula. The pigment is rich but still blendable. The pencil width is NOT a chubby stick style (too thick to line) or a lip liner (too thin to apply all over). It's a great place in between. And on the other side of the stick ... is a lip brush!  That only lives with that color and doesn't have to be cleaned! SIGH. It's so simple and so good. The range goes from tons of nudes to deep reds, pinks, and burgundies so very much worth exploring. We donated most to our local women's shelter, but my three personal faves have been my go-to ever since. XX