At one point in my small sized years, I was


At one point in my small sized years, I was platinum blond. Unfortunately something happened (wah). Now I require a few annual trips to my Aveda colorist, or salt water and sun.

Point being, I understand the time and precision it takes to make my hair the exact blond I like. So I’ve always been skeptical of putting colors in it… fearful that the Kool-Aid tips would never go away. 

Alas, a solution!

I went to a concert this weekend, and needed pink hair to finish the look (of course). It just so happens, I’ve had these hair powders on my desk that I’ve been meaning to play with. After getting my hair to its typical beach-like-state (top photo), I went for it. 

I rubbed the pink powder on my pointer and middle fingers, took small sections of hair, and twisted my fingers over each section until they were the amount of pink I wanted. At first I was a little hesitant, but then I started having fun and wound up with an ombre-pink-do and pink sink. 

Being a pink hair virgin - I actually really liked it. I wouldn’t have even been upset had the pink hung around for a bit. But guess what? It didn’t! All of the color completely washed out one time with shampoo. I was almost a little bummed.. so what’s next, electric blue? Or maybe this mega watt green

Does This: Un-permanenetly turns hair fun colors 

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