but first ... not bothering with your hair

REDKEN knows that there is often just not enough time in the day to care about makeup AND hair. I mean, we have lives. We have jobs. And we now have No Blow Dry products.

Whether your hair is fine, medium, coarse .... you have a 2 seconds solution to thoughtfully ignoring your hair. These were made for AIR DRYING - i.e. not dealing - and also save your hair from another harsh day under the blow drier.

Redken NBD.jpg

No Blow Dry Just Right Cream is for you medium gals and guys - just add to towel dried hair for a quick & easy air dry. For thicker hair No Blow Dry Bossy Cream by REDKEN has more frizz control. And No Blow Dry Airy Cream is for those of you aka me who are afraid of leave-in conditioner because your hair is so fine that a nano-particle of product will weigh it down ... well, this plumps it up.

Does This: No blow-dry hair products for air-drying your hairz
Is ThisNo Blow Dry Just Right CreamNo Blow Dry Bossy Cream & No Blow Dry Airy Cream by REDKEN
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Price: $15.50