New N' Cute Brand Alert

Created by beauty insiders duo Elsie & Dominika, founders of the UK's biggest natural beauty platform (Clean Beauty Co), BYBI Beauty is made up of products that are 100 % natural, vegan and cruelty-free, and stands for By Beauty Insiders. Dedicated to inventing products that actually work, the ladies enlist innovators and consumers to bring you products based on what everyone wants but can't find, especially in all-natural form - until now. It truly is an adorable range of basics and really stands out in the me-too beauty scene.

BYBI natural beauty brand

We actually reviewed the entire line, which is not the usual, and here's the scoop:

Babe Balm literally has a million ways it can be used - as a night cream for your face, a hydrator for your entire body, can be applied to lips, cheeks AND brows & can be mixed with your mineral makeup to create blushes & stains. Very cute and small for travel.

Prime Time is made to prep your skin for the next part of your beauty routine. Not like the usual "primer" we think of in the beauty world, this is a soft, moisturizing exfoliator that removes grime without stripping or irritating your skin. It reduces redness as well as balances areas with excess oil ... You can also mix it water to create a milky wash that can be used before or in place of cleanser.

Mega Mist is that great desk-side refresher friend. With rose, orange blossom & lemon balm waters, it hydrates and nourishes your skin without feeling heavy or oily on your face. 

Detox Dust is a powder mask that you can use with water OR add to honey, yogurt, clay masks or whatever you use and love for your natural facial. It rids the skin of toxins, impurities & daily grime by providing gentle exfoliation & anti-inflammatory properties to soothe & calm stressed and sensitive skin.

And lastly - Supercharge Serum feels almost like a dry oil & goes on super smooth, absorbing almost instantly. It's also a multi-use product which can be used as a replenishing night serum OR can be used under your makeup for a fresh, dewy look.

And LOOK HOW CUTE it all is ... !