Wash Rinse, Now Fancy Rinse ... Repeat

We are very into this seriously innovative woman: Younghee Kim initially found her passion for hair at age five, and was known to heat up her Dad's screwdriver on the stove to curl her sister's hair (uh sorry but have you ever thought of this? = innovation). From there, she studied under Vidal Sassoon, and later opened her own salons. Reflecting on her years of experience, she realized that she needed to develop a product that would work on every client, no matter their hair type.

shiny hair rinse

Thus ... Essential Rinse, a purifying scalp & hair cleansing toner. The Essential Rinse removes residue and leaves your hair smooth, soft, shiny and with the benefits of conditioner, but no weight. Choose between the Refreshing Mint (truly this is like mouthwash for your shower experience, but it's so uplifting) or the Clarifying Apple Cider Vinegar, which also smells lovely.

Also the packaging ... I can't. Believe me I flipped them over for the bottle supplier's info because they are so cute and function perfectly! What can I say, that stuff matters.