non-fiction: prose

Like me I’m quite sure you guys have seen custom made hair care brand Prose all over your social. I am not going to lie that when I saw these “real life” ads with girls saying the haircare gave them the best hair ever I was - yah. There are just so many rave reviews of things these days that I no longer know what to believe and instead believe nothing. Sad but true!

But we only review things we really think are great. And here is the real deal: we think Prose is great. It did actually give me the softest hair ever. I have been actively rationing it because I apparently am not only a cheapskate but have low hair self-esteem and don’t believe my hair actually NEEDS to feel that good every day.

Here’s how it works: answer a few consultation questions to develop your formula. Then it arrives on your doorstep. We got a pack of 3 things plus a cute candle and matches (because it is a perfect match get it).


We loved picking out the scent - we chose floral which has a hint of baby powder and seemed to act like a pleasant, subtle hair deodorizer throughout the day. I personally loved the Pre-Shampoo Mask - it’s like a light conditioner that seems to somehow add smooth moisture without weighing down your hair. I really notice the difference when I use it vs. not - which is weird, because you wash right after? But true. The personalized Shampoo [ours was for Fitness aka dirty sweaty life!] & Conditioner [ours was for Wavy Length] are both very premium feeling without being super thick, which I prefer in both forms. The result was super soft, smooth hair that also felt extremely LIGHT. It’s hard to explain what I mean but I have very fine hair so usually to smooth it is to flatten it. I was super impressed and will be coming back for more …