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Donna Steinmann is the founder of VMagic. With 20+ years in natural health & skincare, she could not find a product that met her high standards of purity and efficacy so she set out to create her own. When Medicine Mamas Apothecary first launched Sweet Bee Magic (an organic all-in-one healing cream), there was a lot of positive response - but Donna noticed a specific trend. Women were using the cream more and more to help treat vulvar dryness that was caused by menopause, pregnancy & oral contraceptives (or whatever else - I think we can all say sometimes this happens and who knows why but it’s very annoying!). So many women were thankful for the organic cream that they decided to develop a line that specifically addressed women’s needs for intimate skin care - and VMagic was born.

The products are powered by a combination of honey & a rare ancient forest propolis (melexylem) mixed with skin-warming organic oils, beeswax and other hive ingredients to calm protect and moisturize this most sensitive skin. Honestly I was psyched when these landed in our mailbox because I never know what to do when I have these issues and I feel like petroleum jelly just can’t be the right answer!

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Their best selling VMagic Organic Vulvar Balm is an every day skincare cream for your intimate parts. It’s of course all natural, and treats redness, dryness, itching, burning and any general discomfort you may be experiencing. And yes, it is different than a normal skincare balm. It seems like have a melting point that’s really in tune with this intimate area, so it absorbs really quickly - which obviously is a plus since no one wants some sort of uncomfortable diaper cream feeling … It’s also ideal for post-shaving or waxing use and for real, it’s a good hair conditioner too and hey, that never hurts ; )