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I am pretty much blown away by London-based A. Florence Skincare. I took one look at their green juice looking cleanser on Instagram and knew something special was going on. After deeper research I was very intrigued. The brand is small-batch; created in their studio with a focus on restoring and maintaining skin’s barrier function. Did you know that if you’re dealing with acne, rosacea or dermatitis, you probably have a compromised barrier? Here’s the theory: “Sensitised skin does not happen overnight but rather occurs over a long period of time due to over-exfoliating, cleansing with harsh surfactants and high pH products, extreme fat-free diet, use of strong retinoids, UV and environmental damage, and even exposure to long term emotional stress.”

Doesn’t this resonate with you? It did with me! I feel like I’m on a constant roller coaster of too dry, too oily, too broken out (often due to sugar, stress, hormones), etc. To have a product in hand to help counteract that gave me peace of mind.

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Hand made from scratch, the Hydrating Gel Cleanser by A. Florence Skincare removes makeup, pollution and excess oil, leaving your skin soft, refreshed and balanced without foaming and stripping skin’s natural barrier. Blended with matcha green tea, chlorella, aloe, pro-vitamin B5, oat and hyaluronic acid, it’s fragrance-free and created for all skin types. Trust me - it does NOT feel like a normal cleanser or cleansing oil but it definitely feels cleansing and softening. I absolutely adore it.

The brand does ship to the U.S. and I co-sign that expense for this special potion!

Does This: Removes makeup, pollution without compromising skin’s healthy barrier
Is This: Hydrating Gel Cleanser by A. Florence Skincare
Get This:
Price: ~$25