paint; brush

Uberliss (uber=super, liss=smooth) was launched in 2011 in Brazil after many years of experimentation to create innovative haircare solutions. This team of hair nerds means business - and is FOR the business of hair … available at professional salons only (oh, and directly on their website … shhh!).

This particular stuff below is uber-pretty and combines a lot of what we love about other professional-quality bond sustaining conditioners with something so amazing we really couldn’t believe our eyeballs … temporary, special, perfectly toned COLOR.

uberliss colored bond sustainer
temporary color conditioner
temporary hair color natural

Our two favorites are the Soft Blue Lotus and the Soft Pink Dahlia Bond Sustainer. With coconut oil & aloe vera plus patent-pending nano … things … they rebuild your hair’s bond structure for a smooth finish and impart up to 8 washes worth of semi-permanent color. The size and price is so perfect ($19.99 for 3.7 oz), so you can grab a few to do a more complex look, and/or not feel like you’re wasting product. I had to resist the urge to do a full-on abstract expression on my extensions … but I fully co-sign (with a paint brush) all of your inspired creations.