building a better balm

20 East Botanicals is a small-but-mighty producer of ethical & natural products. They believe in a less-is-more approach in terms of both ingredients (organic and fair trade), number of products (few), packaging (recycled or recyclable) and even batches (each product is made fresh in small quantities by hand in their studio).

melon sake cleansing balm
cleansing balm texture

the texture !!

To be honest, when I hear that from a brand these days I expect the same old … some sugar/salt scrubs, some balms, a few “oil blends” that all smell a bit like citrus and woods … you know the vibe. But what we fell in love with from 20 East is a product that feels like it was made in an advanced lab in Korea in terms of texture and efficacy … and has the incredible scent of freshly cut melons. The Melon Sake Cleansing Balm truly melts on contact with your skin, dissolving dirt and makeup and then transforming into a moisturizing milk. The fact that it’s organic and hand-crafted was such an added bonus, and the $15 price point really feels right for something that you use everyday considering the level of quality. We adore!