holiday lights

What is more HASHTAG MOOD than a good candle? NEST Fragrances are the masters of creating scents that transform spaces and create emotion. One of my favorite holiday rituals is going around the house lighting candles before guests arrive … it chills me out and feels like rolling out the red carpet from a vibe standpoint. It’s so peaceful and warming to walk into a house that smells truly good (and by good I mean luxe, subtle … not like a plug-in from a taxi) and is filled with cozy light.

The HUGE Moroccan Amber Scented Candle, 10th Anniversary Limited Edition has graced my mantelpiece this season and I am in love.


Simply embellished and ambiance-inducing whether lit or just decorating, the Moroccan Amber Scented Candle has a gorgeous, gourmand holiday warmth with an exotic aspect that keeps the mood far away from Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Needless to say, it makes the prettiest gift and is so generously sized that it might just last you and your beloveds through the year.