what the pros know

In looking through our makeup bags (ok, rooms?) we realized that some of our top faves are actually professional makeup products … and we don’t mean pro like, I’m a pro at winged liner …. pro like, under the stage lights melting for hours and still look good … A few of our cult classics:

Joe Blasco is a man of many firsts … a pioneer in professional makeup for stage and cinema, he was the first to create government approved centers for professional makeup artist training and the first makeup-artist chemist to refine and create makeup for low-light photography and high resolution and tv processes long before the advent of HD. He created the first airbrush makeup, and was the first makeup professional manufacturer to fully implement cruelty-free free products and refused to allow testing on animals.

It’s no surprise that he’s one of my go-to’s for serious concealer. His Neutralizer & Tattoo Cover is the greatest acne, rosacea, tattoo and undereye go-away potion out there - totally waterproof and stay-proof and saved my life/face when I had horrible perioral dermatitis.

professional concealer

Moving on to other areas of my face … or arguably head/skull … is my terrible shiny forehead. Face to Face Super Matte Antishine is beyond the beyond in terms of mattifying and sweatproofing. It’s hard to find, but incredibly comes in multiple shades and is formulated to work on palms, bald heads etc. so the tip of your nose is really no match for this stuff. It sets you up for a demi-matte look literally ALL DAY.

If you know enough to know that you need an different shade of concealer for different areas of your face (well, now you know) … the Corrector Contour Camouflage HD Palette by Viseart is really worth the investment. I bought it during the dermatitis nightmare because I really needed the green undertone to help conceal the redness and wanted to very precisely match my skintone by using a couple of the shades. To help you justify the spend, remember that the darker/lighter colors can be used for contouring. I’ve had it for 2 years now and it’s still going strong.