bae for (every) days

I really crave those old-school bronzing lotions that were just like pouring thick coffee all over yourself, except TBH they were before my time and I’ve never even used one? You know what I mean though right? Not a self tanner, not Sally Hansen airbrush vibes (not that there’s anything wrong with that) - just a good caramel-y lotion. Well, heads up - Baja Bae made this …. and it’s a modern, delicious version. Natural and created with real caramel the Baja Bae Caramel Lotion is a retro-meets-now beachy dream come true.

best bronzer lotion

The formula imparts an instant bronzed glow and gorgeous summery scent. If you’re into tanning in the sun, please apply an appropriate SPF and know that you are a bit naughty ; ) … but it does act as a tanning accelerant to help you develop a deeper, darker natural tan. Best of all, it’s designed to be used as daily tinted moisturizer for body OR FACE, which is just fabulous.

It’s great on a wide range of skintones because you can layer it as needed to deepen the shade. With natural ingredients that help smooth the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks & scarring, it’s truly a multitasker and beach bag essential.