Shooting Star

We found this brand in our ‘gram browsing and loved the simplicity of the packaging and formulas. Not surprisingly, upon closer look, it has an insane backstory. Founder Peter Schafrick was a photographer who specialized in liquids and splashes. Yes this is a thing and as a person in the beauty industry I can tell you, I bow down; we know how important this expertise is! (Check it out). In his search for unique formulas to capture the right look and feel in a photo setting, he worked with a skincare lab - because duh, cosmetic chemists are the best chemists ; ) All the while he was hearing about and mulling over all the toxins in skincare. Having sensitive skin himself, and this lab connect, he put it all together and started his own line.

Schaf Skincare products are formulated with plant extracts and they’re ideal for sensitive skin of all types and genders.


We love the Restoration Mask. It’s lovely when a mask does more than one thing … sometimes I find a mud mask to be too drying, but I crave that detox effect that a more soothing, moisturizing mask just doesn’t feel like it provides. This has Niacinimide which stimulates collagen production for improved elasticity, Arctic Mud for detoxing, Hyaluronic Acid for non-greasy skin plumping and moisture, and Fatty Acids (Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil) for soothing and replenishing. It’s a great post-travel recovery mask - to get out the dirt, but also re-nourish your skin from drying times on the plane.

Made in small batches, and probably really cool looking under studio lights (we aren’t that fancy…. sadly), we totally cosign: