Less, For All

Panacea Skincare, a genderless, minimalist brand from founder Terry Lee, had just one problem with their love for skin-first philosophy of K-Beauty. Sure, the labs (where all the brand’s products are made) were amazing - light years ahead of other formulators, and the formulas they were developing worked great and felt amazing, even though they’re paraben, cruelty and sulfate free. But …….. who has time for the 10 step regime?

Well, even if you do … isn’t life simpler when you can use just what your skin needs: cleanser, moisturizer and of course - SPF? Hence the Panacea core line.

healthy cleanser

We fell for The Aegis Daily Facial Cleanser by Panacea Skincare, which is light weight and non-oily, so it’s genuinely great for all skin types. It foams nicely but still feels moisturizing, drawing out impurities without stripping your skin - and that’s great for guys too, because washing with a traditional gel cleanser before shaving can be extremely drying … and this also softens hairs for a closer shave.

The most amazing (and also truly simple thing)? Satisfaction is guaranteed - they’ll refund your money at any time, no questions asked, if your skin doesn’t feel the best it ever has after using their products.