in the light of the luna

Created by best friends Maddy & Rhi, Luna Bronze is changing the experience and purity of self-tanners. Maddy herself was diagnosed with facial skin cancer, but the Aussie duo was determined to stay bronzed and develop a positive, clean, natural and most importantly, SAFE (read: sunless) line of deep radiance giving beauty products. With no streaks, messy application or chemical smells (for real, stuff smells like a heavenly Grecian beach - it has natural mandarin, lemon myrtle, and orange blossom essential oils) … the collection got me so so psyched for Spring style.


With a hydrating blend of vegan, organic essential oils, all the products are 99% organic, natural and naturally-derived as per EcoCert® standards - even the tanning agent (DHA). There are several variants depending on what you’re most comfortable applying and what your skin needs:

If you literally blind yourself when you take off your trousers, first of all I can relate, and second of all, I’d start with the Tanning Moisturiser-Glow every other day. It’s like an upscale, natural, super awesome smelling verison of the typical Jergens-type natural glow daily lotions. It’s impossible to mess this up and you will wake up glowing and ready to show some skin.

The Self Tanning Lotion-Radiant is a great place to start if you’re naturally a bit tan or olive toned. It goes on very smooth (the Tanning Mitt is awesome, highly recommend it), glows up your body with a hint of color and natural moisturizers, and then develops into a beautiful medium tan.

For an instant tan and slightly deeper tan, the Eclipse Tanning Mousse is the bomb. If it gives you confidence, I’ll tell you that I went straight from winter right into this - and I’m very pale. I did not follow my own advice above ; ) … I just went for it with this deeper formula, and the result was awesome. The Tanning Mitt is essential for flawless application, but the bronzed color of the product helps a lot to perfect your blend. Your glow will continue to develop for 24 hours, even after showering.

See on the sunny side of the moon!