bottoms up / for soft feet

Foot Therapy is the latest collaboration between the San Fran wellness and beauty authority Ayla & MyHaverton of Sweden, a small beauty producer and sustainable farm in harvesting their own sea buckthorn. It has a good a chance as anything to make me feel better about myself, since there is literally nothing grosser on my body than my soles. They need love!


Foot Therapy gently buffs out rough spots with 5% lactic acid, and m- Gently buffs rough spots with 5% lactic acid, nourishes with essential fatty acids from sea buckthorn oil, and freshens with antibacterial tea tree and peppermint. Another stellar thing about the Foot Therapy by Ayla+ MyHaverton is that it isn’t super greasy like many foot creams, so you wont find yourself slipping all over the place. You can smooth it on after showering and go about your life. I also think it’s an AMAZING self-care chill out treat for bedtime. Keep it on your bedside and wake up with baby feet ; )