endless summer / multi-styling hair oil

Founded by a beauty-obsessed creative collective from Toronto, Canada, Voir is a collection of luxury haircare products designed with a lovely balance of really effective formulas and ingredients, and just beautiful packaging. With summer coming to a close around here (!! so sad), I will be clinging to this favorite of theirs all year long - it’s a great multitasker for summer protection through to the dry days of winter (and the dry effects of heat styling).


A Walk in the Sun by Voir is a Luxury Hair Oil that calms frizz and nourishes hair for soft, smooth & shiny results, increasing elasticity as well as locking in moisture. It shields against heat styling damage that almost all of us give to our hair on a daily basis and other damaging elements such as chlorine, salt water etc. It smells beautiful and I love the uniqueness of the packaging. Plus the name alone brings a smile! I use it to smooth my ends, make a slick ponytail, and of course by the pool [where I’m staying until it requires a snowsuit].