love at first sight

Loretta De Feo is a Londoner with massive hair (< her words, and it’s gorgeous). She was desperately seeking a brand that’s healthy, looks amazing, makes you look amazing, and smells amazing (bc let’s be honest - the scent of your hair products are often your main scent). So she made DiZZiAK (an aphrodisiac for hair) - it’s an ultra moisturizing haircare line that works for a wide range of hair types - from hers (afro, craving moisture) to mine (very fine, oily).


She commissioned Ted Draws to make the packaging - which stopped me dead in my tracks while in London - and whipped up some truly different feeling and smelling formulas. The DiZZiAK Hydration Wash lifts grease and product build up without compromising your hair - it almost feels like a co-wash, but it foams - and delivers a very pure, natural feeling moisture without grease. Scalp friendly and filled with a blend of smart naturals that deep clean while providing your hair & scalp with lasting hydration, the DiZZiAK Hydration Wash feels really refreshing.

The Deep Conditioner by DiZZiAK is not surprisingly rich & creamy, but it doesn’t have that weird super slick vibe of a traditional conditioner. It’s almost like a butter, again a very natural feeling, and it rinses clean without that artificial feeling of most conditioners. It’s more like apply a lotion to your hair that sinks in indivisibly.

They have ALOE, CASTOR, BABASSU, ARGAN, COCONUT, INCA, QUINOA, and SHEA - and it shows. They also have an interesting fresh genderless scent that I love. And … just look at them!