bella air

For over 30 years Gamma+Italia has designed and produced (in Italy, of course) some of the most beautiful and technologically advanced professional hairdryers available. I sort of feel like I didn’t even know there was such a thing … until this beautiful object showed up in our blogosphere.


Created with a unique circular airflow to penetrate into strands to speed drying up to 70%, yes it definitely saves time … and with multiple heat settings as well as a truly cool setting, it’s also totally adaptable to smooth and preserve your strands. It’s designed with tourmaline ionization technology which sounds very fancy … basically it pumps out maximum negative ions which smooth hair two ways - by breaking water into smaller particles which evaporate more quickly (less frying), but also by encouraging your hair to more deeply absorb conditioning agents (which are by nature positively charged).

But honestly what killed me is it looks like a work of art, and it’s LIGHT (under a pound). It’s easy to hold, and the two extra thin nozzles are very maneuverable so you can straighten while you brush. The aquamarine with hot red color scheme is something only the Italians would propose and it is BELLA. As a long-term investment (which is what a hair dryer should be), I fully recommend and I feel very lucky I have it <3