brush up

Twice began on a volunteer mission to Eleuthera, Bahamas in 2015, where brothers Julian & Cody Levine joined Lenny Kravitz and a team of passionate dentists to provide free dental care to those in need. The result from helping so many who were in physical and emotional pain from issues with oral hygiene was a simple solution called Twice, affiliated with their charity efforts and designed to change brushing from a boring routine to an enjoyable wellness ritual.

natural toothpaste lavender

The toothpastes are whitening, good for sensitive teeth, and contain antioxidants and vitamins to create an optimal mouth environment long after you brush. The Duo - Early Bird & Twilight toothpaste - is a chic starter set including the travel-friendly day toothpaste with wintergreen + peppermint and the very chill night toothpaste that has a hint of lavender. I actually love brushing with this at night, I feel like it’s part of my wind-down routine now. Plus, they look amazing sink-side!