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I rarely really rave on about something, because we see a lot of somethings, but I was so lucky to get a sample of this product and it really made me realize what the point of this blog is. It isn’t easy or feasible for most people to try new products - it’s risky, and sometimes the better investments are actually … investments. A bit expensive, and maybe not worth the risk. BUT THAT IS WHY WE DO IT FOR YOU … so please trust when we say - this line changed things for us, and we will be rebuying again and again. It’s a wellness lifestyle thing that isn’t bogus, it brings real meaning to the buzzword “holistic” - and it’s worth every penny.

The founders of Supernatural wanted to change cleaning from a chore to a cleansing ritual. They developed natural, sustainable cleaning products that smell amazing, activate the senses, uplifting & enliven your spirit, and truly - yes I mean it - make cleaning a wellness ritual. Don’t roll your eyes. And I heard that snort…. Listen:

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I enjoyed every part of the Supernatural’s Starter Set ($75). The experience of the set is amazing (would make a great host or housewarming gift), and comes complete with four glass, reusable spray bottles & four vials of concentrate to be mixed with filtered water. Every one is packed with essential oils that smell amazing, so when you’re cleaning it really is like you’re loving up your space - that’s what I mean about the holistic thing. It looks good, the 4 formulas for Bath + Tile, Glass + Mirrors, Counters + Granite, and Wood + Floors really work, and the process of spraying them around really makes you feel great. It made me so aware of how strong and awful most cleaning products are. Also, my cat’s food area has never been cleaner since I’m not afraid to wipe down the floor with the floor formula. Just makes you think about what it is you’ve been spraying around before you found this : /

The spray bottles are amazing quality, beautifully designed, and of course reusable, so you only have to purchase the Concentrates Refill Set ($40) or the $10 individual refills in the future. I love having the bottles out because they look beautiful.

I think this is such a smart system and it’s really been a long time coming. I hope these guys have the success they deserve because it’s a gorgeous and thoughtful product line that’s truly SUPERNATURAL.

Does This: Cleans while awakening the senses
Is This: Starter Set by Supernatural
Get This: HERE 
Price: $75