found in translation

Pretty much the only English text on Korean skincare brand Sioris’ website is Peak Freshness, Peak Efficacy, and Clean, Honest Beauty. It’s hard to dig in to what that all means without translation but I’m not sure I care, because I’ve been using the regime and my skin has TOLD me in its own clear language that this stuff is super gentle and works.

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The Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser is amazing for makeup removal. It’s a very light milk but cleanses completely and rinses clean without a squeaky or overly moisturized feel. It feels so comfortable even in the eye areas and no matter if my skin feels super dry or oily, I know it will be balancing. The Time is Running Out Mist is super refreshing with a light lemon scent and a nice hydrating feel. The hero though for me is the sheer pink gel of A Calming Day Ampoule … it’s a super serum that truly calms skin and was my savior during a sun-and-sea soaked - but very parched - vacation.