ground control to fly aways

Kristin Ess was inspired by a simple idea - to create an affordable collection of luxury haircare & styling products that would be much more attainable for most, at a reasonable price point and within reach at your local Target. With twenty two years of experience as a top hair stylist and colorist, her cleansers, conditioners and dry & wet stylers can all be found for a nice price - with truly salon quality results. I’m a fan of the color correcting shampoo and conditioner and was really intrigued to get into the tools … especially when I saw this weirdo (it takes one to know one … ) that I knew would solve my terrible problem of CAT TUFTS … aka untame-able tiny fly aways that come out by my ears whenever I have my hair up.


The Texture Taming Root Control Iron handles all those baby hairs or those curly roots you can’t ever seem to get to. A tiny little hot iron inside a fine comb, it tackles your unruly bangs, tames frizz & control cowlicks (in my case, the CAT TUFTS) for under $55. As a comparison, most hot tools at Sephora run around $140 and up.