that 70's curl

We have fallen in love with The Hero by Chopstick Styler. Created to provide an extremely tight, controlled and yet wild curl, The Hero by Chopstick Styler is the key to true 70’s hair glory as well as potentially very cute edges.


The Hero by Chopstick Styler is the skinniest, squarest little hot stick we have seen. It heats to 450 in 15 seconds, and the very unique shape creates seriously the tightest corkscrew curls - it’s so fun for really going total 70’s or taming your own God-given curl glory. The ceramic coated barrel smooths hair, and the shape really makes a cute, organic-looking shape (not what you would expect from a square) with tons of volume. I also really love it for styling little edge wisps around my face, which otherwise fall flat. At $34.99 you could probably eat your ramen with it guilt-free when your’re done babe-ing it up….