can you be Everything for Everyone?

Andrew Glass, founder of Non Gender Specific, found himself confused by how gender-specific the beauty world is and how many products all those marketers tell us we need for day and night. He began conceptualizing a brand for everyone - one that’s truly Non Gender Specific and promotes less consumer waste by creating multi-functional products that are natural, powerful & inclusive.

gender neutral skincare

The Everything Serum by Non Gender Specific lives up to its name and is packed with surprises. It was created as an anti-aging, anti-fatigue, discoloration-fighting solution that tightens pores, increases elasticity, and brightens skin. The formula is a shocker, coming out somewhere between an oil, serum, and lotion in a refreshing citrus color and scent. It goes on silky smooth and absorbs into the skin instantly, imparting a radiant vibe that we loved.