K-Home is Here

Soohyang means excellent fragrance in Korean … and let’s pause and have a moment for the arrival of K-Home, because this home fragrance brand is gorgeous.

suede candle

Soohyang makes 33 candles and an array of other environmental scents, from room spray to car vent fresheners- with the belief that there’s something for everyone, but also with the very EXTRA idea that you can buy more than one scent and burn them at once to BLEND your air with your own signature scent (I love this concept … I’ll stack those things in my car for sure!). The trademark pink box is faint-worthy for gifting, while the candle itself, with it’s chic black gloss lid, is definitely #shelfie ready. Suede is our current favorite … described as “harmonizing the soft yet heavy texture” of this luxe material … but honestly, read the names … so many inspiring ideas.

Every candle is made in Korea with biodegradable vegetable wax, burning even & clean with no smoke or ash. You can customize the label on your candle, so get to gifting … or design your own personal self-love temple <3