super cute / super fat snacks

Inspired in reaction to our obesity and diabetes epidemics, SuperFat was created to deliver healthy fats in a convenient way that’s actually tasty. (If you have nut allergies though … these guys unfortunately won’t work for you). As a person who has a terrible sweet tooth and is extremely lazy about eating properly, and at the same time always running around like a maniac forgetting to take care of myself - I love these things! SuperFat delivers the right balance of nut fats, functional ingredients, moderate protein and low net carbs in a little on the go pouch that you can eat alone or use with fruit or, god forbid and ironically but at least you are making it healthier - a bagel. If you’re active, which I also am but I’m terrible about prepping for workouts …. SuperFat is nutritionally balanced and provides a boost of on demand fuel wherever you go.

Super Fat.jpg

SuperFat Nut Butters are made from a blend of macadamia nuts, coconuts and almonds- all quick sources of food and perfect for on-the-go. They taste FREAKING great and are so cute too!