the art of scrubbing

There are a ton of skincare devices out there from who knows who. It’s easier to buy a knock off or a cheap no-brand version of any beauty electronic. Sometimes it seems like a waste to bother paying for a product from a reputable brand … but StyleCraft made us think. With a history of developing professional beauty tools for stylists, barbers and other beautiful professionals, they put their heart, soul AND proceeds into enhancing the art of beauty. The brand believes creativity is behind every great beauty professional, and knowing the spark begins young, they support Arts in Education with the Art in Action program. Makes you feel pretty good about buying a new tool, right?


Our current love is their Scrubs Gentle Sonic Cleansing Brush. Unlike traditional cleansing brushes with bristles, it’s made from super-soft extremely gentle silicone nubs that vibrate (at 6 variable speeds) to remove 99% of dirt. It exfoliates without scraping away at skin (which I love because I think everyday cleansing with a bristle brush is too much for most skin types). The silicone material resists bacteria 40x more than a regular bristle brush which I also zen out about because I keep these tools in the shower and that place is a literal hotbed of germ activity. One USB charge lasts 300 uses … so it’s also a great little guy for travel. Also, comes in four colors like WHAT so … you and all your roomies can each have their own ; )