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Inspired by a vision from her father Hannes Arthur, Janis has created a skincare brand we love. Janis woke up from a deep sleep and wrote down the ingredients that came to her, formulating them into the “green goo” which is now known as Seamasque. Her first hand-made creation was gifted to friends, and the legend (and line) grew by word of mouth. And we’re happy to pass it on!

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With a reputation as the “magic mask”, the Seamasque is entirely natural, youth-activating & deeply exfoliating. The organic Icelandic sea kelp nourishes the skin with over 60 vital micronutrients & 18 amino acids. The formula is one of the most uniquely natural, ocean-dwelling looking things we’ve ever tried. It smells amazing - faintly of mint - and please benefit from our trial and error by following these directions to apply it … It is very sticky! Don’t fight the feeling. Grab a quarter-size blob, pat it between your fingers to spread it a bit, and then TAP it onto your skin. Every touch will apply a bit and you can keep layering until it’s covered your face. Leave on for 15 minutes, then gently massage away with a bit of water in a circular motion. It’s so refreshing - very much a 2 step treatment, with moisture/nutrients followed by exfoliation - and leaves pore tight yet moisturized and glowing.

For a deeper natural detox, Crystal Aura by Hannes Dottir is a blend of marine botanicals and minerals blended to enhance your energy and aura. It works as a scrub or soak. I love it as a sort of detox “bath” for my face after steaming. Fill your sink with a few inches of cool water and a scoop of this and use the water as a cooling tonic.

For drier skin or anti-aging concerns, the Marine Collagen Lift by Hannes Dottir is truly natural mask option made with geothermally dried ingredients (Icelandic sea kelp and marine collagen peptides) as well as honey and vanilla bean. You can customize it by adding less or more water to the dry spoonful, making it creamy or more exfoliating.

The fundamentally natural and refreshing feel of this line has made us loyal believers in this Ice-y cult and we definitely co-sign the luxe - yet truly earthy - regime.