fit to a T

Obsessed with essential oils from age 12, Trace New York founder Tony Olsen got just a little bit distracted building a career as one of the leading luxury furniture designers. Eventually he merged his ability to create extraordinary spaces with the world’s top architects and designers with his love for fragrance, and designed a simple yet powerful line of scents that build a personal olfactive world around the wearer. Each is hand-filled in his New York studio, with minimalist packaging that invites the user to develop their own story around the scent.


We tried two that could easily become wardrobe essentials - each is unique yet married in their underlying warmth; two sides of a coin. Tarlow Oil is a vivacious yet intimate scent of green apple, fern & oak moss. It’s crisp, clean and delicious with a bit of a flirtatious feel. It’s sibling Tatum Oil is bold and confident, with lime, green tea & patchouli - a power fragrance that’s like a refreshing bear hug with a side of high five.

These blends of pure fragrance and essential oils are gender-free and wear uniquely on each user. You can try every scent from Tarlow through Tarick with the VERY affordable $10 sampler, and find the perfect one (or more) that fit you to a … T.

Does This: Provides different scents for whatever mood you are in
Is This: Tarlow, Tatum & Tanner Fragrance Oils by Trace New York
Get This: Tarlow Fragrance Oil, Tatum Fragrance Oil & Tanner Fragrance Oil
Price: $29-Tarlow Fragrance Oil $29-Tatum Fragrance Oil